Weather forecast now


Feels like 4°
Precipitation 0.1mm
strong breeze from south west

Precipitation expected next 90 minutes

next 30 minutes no precipitation, in 30 to 60 minutes no precipitation, in 60 to 90 minutes no precipitation to light precipitation

Weather forecast for the next 9 days

  1. Today, Sep. 25

    Strong wind gusts, yellow weather warning.
    Maximum minimum temperature:Temperature10° / Temperature5°Precipitation 0.6mmWind13m/s
    Maximum minimum temperature:Temperature8° / Temperature3°Precipitation 0mmWind4m/s
    Maximum minimum temperature:Temperature13° / Temperature6°Precipitation 0mmWind5m/s
    Maximum minimum temperature:Temperature18° / Temperature10°Precipitation 0mmWind5m/s
    Maximum minimum temperature:Temperature17° / Temperature10°Precipitation 0mmWind4m/s
    Maximum minimum temperature:Temperature17° / Temperature9°Precipitation 0mmWind4m/s
    Maximum minimum temperature:Temperature16° / Temperature10°Precipitation 0mmWind6m/s
    Maximum minimum temperature:Temperature15° / Temperature10°Precipitation 0mmWind6m/s
    Maximum minimum temperature:Temperature16° / Temperature11°Precipitation 0mmWind5m/s
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