Coastal forecast

For nearest point at sea, 4.1 km from Hovås
  1. Night: clear sky
    Morning: partly cloudy
    Afternoon: light rain
    Evening: cloudy
    8 m/s fresh breeze with gusts at 14 m/s
    2.1 m
    Maximum minimum temperature:15°/9°
  2. Night: fair
    Morning: clear sky
    Afternoon: clear sky
    Evening: partly cloudy
    11 m/s strong breeze with gusts at 17 m/s
    2.7 m
    Maximum minimum temperature:15°/10°
  3. Night: partly cloudy
    Morning: partly cloudy
    Afternoon: partly cloudy
    Evening: partly cloudy
    3 m/s light breeze with gusts at 4 m/s
    Maximum minimum temperature:18°/10°