Weather radar

Radar Rissa (Foto: Meteorologisk institutt)

The weather radar shows where there is precipitation (rain, snow and sleet) right now. The radar images update every 15 minutes. The color indicate the intensity of the precipitation. The Norwegian radar infrastructure is expanding and does not yet cover the whole country.

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Eastern Norway

Radar Eastern Norway

Southeast Norway

Radar Southeast Norway

Southwest Norway

Radar Southwest Norway

Western Norway

Radar Western Norway

Central Norway

Radar Central Norway

Trøndelag and Nordland

Radar Trøndelag and Nordland


Radar Nordland

Nordland and Troms

Radar Nordland and Troms

Troms and Finnmark

Radar Troms and Finnmark


Radar Finnmark

The Nordic Countries

Radar The Nordic Countries

Norway (with lightning)

Radar Norway (with lightning)

Questions about the weather radar and observations

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