Weather statistics for Mehamn, Gamvik (Troms og Finnmark)

  1. Applies to Kyst- and fjordstroekene i Finnmark

    Forecast for the area Fruholmen to Grense Jakobselv: Friday afternoon and early Saturday high water level is expected, estimated to 25-35 cm above the height given in the tide tables. The water level is expected at its highest Friday afternoon from 15-18 and early Saturday morning from 03-06. The highest top is expected early Saturday.

    Yellow severity - moderate danger
    Orange severity - considerable danger
    Red severity - extreme danger
    The colour tells you how severe the situation can become (

    InstructionsBe careful in coastal areas. Check the mooring of the boat and secure objects near the water in the coastal zone.

    ConsequencesLocal flooding and risk of minor damage to infrastructure and buildings in the beach zone.


    1. Friday September 18, 2020 16:00 - Increasing danger
    2. Saturday September 19, 2020 09:00 - Danger is over
    Map of high water level, yellow level, Kyst- and fjordstroekene i Finnmark, 18 September 14:00 UTC to 19 September 07:00 UTC.