Radar image forGaldhøpiggen sommerskisenter, Lom (Oppland)

  1. Warning sign

    Expected: Difficult driving conditions (Fjellet i Soer-Norge)

    Difficult driving conditions in the mountain roads in Southern Norway From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon because of wind and precipitation around zero degrees.


    1. Friday September 21, 2018 20:00
      Increasing danger
    2. Ukjent sluttidspunkt

    ConsequencesExpect difficult driving conditions and local delays.

    InstructionsUse tyres suitable for the conditions.

  2. Warning sign

    Expected: Very strong winds (Oppland and Hedmark)

    From early Saturday morning strong wind gusts from west and northwest, locally up to 20-25 m/s. The wind gusts decrease Saturday evening.


    1. Saturday September 22, 2018 02:00
      Wind increases
    2. Ukjent sluttidspunkt

    ConsequencesLarger loose items may be taken by the wind. Risk of damage to buildings and infrastructure. Bridges may close. Strong wind may cause all public transportation to shut down. Expect minor delays or cancellations.

    InstructionsSecure loose items. Avoid moving outdoors if possible.

Weather radar for Eastern Norway

The map shows where precipitation (rain, sleet, snow etc) falls, the colour giving an indication of the amount.

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By emitting radar waves the radar registers how precipitation moves . It will then receive echoes if the waves hit precipitation particles. The animation shows precipitation during the last hours, the last picture in the sequence being the most recent. The time at which it was taken is given (in local time) in the upper right corner.

Under certain conditions the radar waves are deflected and hit the ground instead, giving false echoes. False echoes can be recognised by being fairly motionless.

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