Weather statistics for Littjehågen, Andøy (Nordland)

  1. Applies to Nord-Noreg

    Heavy rain is expected. Relatively high temperatures and windy conditions, causes significant snowmelting. Snowmelting will occur even in the high mountains Significant snowmelting will occur in the valleys. The amount of water in the soil is significant. Steep slopes, as well as streams and river with high discharge are particularly exposed. Risk of slush flows is especially high in areas with more than 40 cm snow. The snow may in some places be fully water-saturated. Slush flows are triggered even in relatively gentle slopes, where water accumulates. Slush flows follow terrain depressions and may develop into debris flows. Debris flows may reach the valley bottom even if they are triggered high in the terrain.
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    Yellow severity - moderate danger
    Orange severity - considerable danger
    Red severity - extreme danger
    The colour tells you how severe the situation can become (

    InstructionsKeep away from steep slopes, as well as streams and rivers with high discharge. Keep water paths and culverts free of snow, ice, gravel, waste, twigs and leaves. Clogged waterways with dammed water may cause landslides.

    ConsequencesSituation that requires vigilance and may cause local damages

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Trolltinden observation station (87120)

The station is located in Andøy municipality, 436 m.a.s.l. It is the closest official weather station, 5.7 km away from Littjehågen. The station was established in August 2007. The station measures temperature and wind. There are no normals for precipitation and temperature. There may be missing data.

Last 30 days: Highest temperature was 8.3 °C (20 April), and the lowest was -6.9 °C (10 April). Highest wind speed was 29.3 m/s (30 March).

Last 13 full months: Highest temperature was 26.8 °C (18. Jul. 2018) and the lowest -12.5 °C (27. Jan. 2019).

Graph explanation. Hide explanation

The black line shows mean value (both precipitation and temperature). Some stations does not have mean values, and hence no black line.

The red/blue line shows average temperature during the day (24h) (equalized for 30 days). The line is red by pluss degrees, and blue by minus degrees.

The red/blue areas shows the temperature variations throughout the day (24h) with max- and min. temperature as endpoints. The area is red by pluss degrees, and blue by minus degrees.

The lightblue bars shows total precipitation this month. The black lines crossing is the normal (mean) value for precipitation.

The dark grey bars behind the precipitation bars shows snowdepth measured day by day.

Some stations only measures precipitation, while others only measures temperature. If an area or bar is missing the station does not measure this data.

NB! Precipitation is measured at 07 hours Norwegian time. The value (in mm) shows last 24 hours until 07 hours (08 hours summertime). Download other weather statistics from

Tabular view for temperature and precipitation per month
Months Temperature Wind
Average Normal Warmest Coldest Average Strongest
Mar 2019 -4.5°C 2.4°C Mar 23 -12.1°C Mar 5 8.9 m/s 29.3 m/s Mar 30
Feb 2019 -3.9°C 4.6°C Feb 23 -10.3°C Feb 5 9.1 m/s 33.0 m/s Feb 14
Jan 2019 -4.9°C 3.3°C Jan 6 -12.5°C Jan 27 8.0 m/s 33.8 m/s Jan 11
Dec 2018 -1.4°C 4.1°C Dec 1 -6.6°C Dec 30 7.9 m/s 23.9 m/s Dec 3
Nov 2018 2.1°C 9.2°C Nov 16 -4.9°C Nov 26 8.9 m/s 30.3 m/s Nov 16
Oct 2018 2.0°C 11.8°C Oct 13 -3.4°C Oct 28 7.9 m/s 29.7 m/s Oct 21
Sep 2018 6.4°C 16.1°C Sep 10 -1.8°C Sep 28 6.6 m/s 26.7 m/s Sep 26
Aug 2018 9.2°C 24.6°C Aug 1 4.3°C Aug 28 6.8 m/s 20.9 m/s Aug 10
Jul 2018 11.8°C 26.8°C Jul 18 4.5°C Jul 5 5.2 m/s 19.2 m/s Jul 23
Jun 2018 4.1°C 12.5°C Jun 18 -1.3°C Jun 7 8.9 m/s 29.8 m/s Jun 27
May 2018 5.3°C 17.1°C May 10 -3.8°C May 1 9.3 m/s 27.5 m/s May 6
Apr 2018 -0.4°C 7.7°C Apr 13 -6.3°C Apr 3 5.8 m/s 20.7 m/s Apr 8
Mar 2018 -6.1°C 0.5°C Mar 18 -11.8°C Mar 8 7.0 m/s 23.7 m/s Mar 17