1. Image from Veggli
  2. Image from Rollag
  3. Image from Guterud, direction south


  4. Image from Tinnsjø, direction north


The closest observation stations

  1. FV40 Veggli

    elevation 227 m, 0 km from FV40 Veggli

    Temperature at
  2. Veggli II

    elevation 275 m, 1.2 km from FV40 Veggli

    Temperature at
  3. Sigdal - nedre Eggedal

    elevation 143 m, 18.6 km from FV40 Veggli

    Temperature at

In the atmosphere

  1. Aurora

    FV40 Veggli

    Aurora: No activity
    94% cloud cover
    Kp index: 2
  2. UV forecast

    FV40 Veggli

    0No UV radiation
    Graph which shows UV forecast for FV40 Veggli

The air around FV40 Veggli

  1. Pollen forecast

    Central mountain areas in southern Norway

    29 Mar.

    No pollen reported.

    30 Mar.

    No pollen reported.

  2. Air pollution

    FV40 Veggli


    The pollution levels are low.

    Graph which shows air quality for FV40 Veggli