The closest observation stations

  1. Gulsvik II

    elevation 142 m, 22.1 km from RV7 Sokna

    Temperature at
  2. Sigdal - nedre Eggedal

    elevation 143 m, 24.3 km from RV7 Sokna

    Temperature at
  3. Hønefoss - Høyby

    elevation 140 m, 23.4 km from RV7 Sokna

    Temperature at

The air around RV7 Sokna

  1. Pollen forecast

    This year's pollen season is over!

    It normally starts in mid-February and ends in late August.

  2. UV forecast

    RV7 Sokna

    Clouds affect UV radiation


    Sun protection is necessary when the UV index is higher than 2.

    Graph which shows UV forecast for RV7 Sokna
  3. Air pollution

    RV7 Sokna


    The pollution levels are low.

    Graph which shows air quality for RV7 Sokna

Water temperatures

See all water temperatures
  1. Steinsbystranda

    29.1 km from RV7 Sokna


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