Weather forecast now


Feels like 4°
Precipitation 0 to 0.2mm
Wind6 m/s moderate breeze from south west with gusts at 14 m/s

Precipitation forecast

No precipitation the next 90 minutes

Weather forecast for the next 9 days

    Maximum minimum temperature:Temperature8° / Temperature6°Precipitation 0.2mmWind:8m/s
    Maximum minimum temperature:Temperature7° / Temperature4°Precipitation 0.3mmWind:8m/s
    Maximum minimum temperature:Temperature6° / Temperature3°Precipitation 4.3mmWind:4m/s
    Maximum minimum temperature:Temperature5° / Temperature1°Precipitation 8.9mmWind:6m/s
    Maximum minimum temperature:Temperature3° / Temperature1°Precipitation 1.9mmWind:4m/s
    Maximum minimum temperature:Temperature6° / Temperature1°Precipitation 2.6mmWind:5m/s
    Maximum minimum temperature:Temperature7° / Temperature4°Precipitation 5.3mmWind:7m/s
    Maximum minimum temperature:Temperature7° / Temperature5°Precipitation 5.2mmWind:7m/s
    Maximum minimum temperature:Temperature6° / Temperature5°Precipitation 8.1mmWind:7m/s