Coastal forecast

For nearest point at sea, 7.9 km from Trollvannsstua
  1. Night: cloudy
    Morning: cloudy
    Afternoon: partly cloudy
    Evening: cloudy
    2 m/s light breeze with gusts at 4 m/s
    0.2 m
    Maximum minimum temperature:10°/7°
  2. Night: cloudy
    Morning: rain
    Afternoon: cloudy
    Evening: partly cloudy
    4 m/s gentle breeze with gusts at 9 m/s
    0.3 m
    Maximum minimum temperature:12°/7°
  3. Night: partly cloudy
    Morning: partly cloudy
    Afternoon: cloudy
    Evening: cloudy
    6 m/s moderate breeze with gusts at 2 m/s
    Maximum minimum temperature:17°/6°

Predicted tides

  1. Trollvannsstua

    Table showing tide data for
    High/lowPredicted tide
    93 cm
    60 cm
    96 cm
    58 cm