Welcome South Africa!

yr.no welcomes it's new users from South Africa.

Astrid Rommetveit og Erik Bolstad

Two of the people working with yr.no: Astrid Rommetveit (journalist) and Erik Bolstad (yr.no-founder).

Foto: NRK

yr.no is becoming more and more popular worldwide. In August 2008 the news spread that many Swedes are using yr.no . Now South Africa is the next country to «conquer» the web site.

– You are very welcome to use our site, says the founder of yr.no, Erik Bolstad.

yr.no gives forecasts for about 99.947 places in South-Africa, and covers all cities and larger communities.

– We even have weather information about most farms and lakes in the country, Bolstad tells us.

Farmer’s weekly did the job

In the beginning of May 2009 the magazine South African Farmer’s weekly wrote an article about yr.no.

– A Norwegian-based weather website can now provide accurate, and specific weather predictions for almost every farm in the country, the article said.

This was obviously something that the readers liked. From April to May the number of South African users of yr.no has been doubled, according to media scholar Liv Braathen.

Important decisions

Cobus van der Linde

Cobus van der Linde.

Foto: Privat

Cobus van der Linde is working at a maize mill in Wesselbron. yr.no has become a very important part of the production, he tells us in an e-mail.

– We use the site mainly to make farming decisions, regarding cutting and baling of hay, harvesting and planting of crops.

While the farmers normally have to do with weather forecasts for larger areas, yr.no now offers new possibilities.

– It's very useful and surprisingly accurate. Our closest forecasts on the television are for Queenstown, Bisho, East London and Umata, but we're between all those. Now I can get an exact forecast for my farm, says another yr.no-user to South African Farmer’s weekly .

Children and cottage

John Stathoulis

John Stathoulis and his dog, Sybella.

Foto: Privat

John Stathoulis is another South African web user that yr.no has been in touch with.

Like many Norwegians he will check the weather before sending his children off to school. In addition his family is interested in the weekend weather.

– Our holiday-home is in a reserve called Mbona. It has a very localised climate and yr.no appears to be the only readily available service providing «farm» level detail.

yr.no goes international

Outside Europe, South Africa is second only to the U.S. in yr.no usage.

– Further down the list we find Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Thailand, Japan and Korea. yr.no is one of Norway’s most international web services, says Liv Braathen.

Even though the number of users from South Africa is increasing we are not talking about large crowds, emphasises Braathen. During May the number of user-session from South Africa reached 11.000, compared to about 5.000 in April.

– It is not overwhelming, but it is a tendency. If we can reach an international market with yr.no, we may achieve an immense traffic, she concludes.

Some weathersites used in South Africa are Kobus botha , South African Weather Service and weather.com , in addition to yr.no.

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