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  1. Warning sign

    Ongoing: Landslide risk. Caution level: yellow (deler av Vestlandet)

    Intense snowmelt and rain. Risk of slush flows is especially high in areas with more than 40-50 cm snow. The snow is fully water-saturated. Slush flows are triggered even in gentle slopes, where water accumulates. Slush flows follow terrain depressions and may develop into debris flows. Read the full forecast on


    1. Sunday April 22, 2018 07:00
      Increasing danger
    2. Monday April 23, 2018 11:00
      Danger is over

    Some slush slides are expected. A few large events may occur. Slush slides: A flow of waterlogged snow. These landslides can start in relatively flat terrain and seek towards streams and steep slopes.

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23/04/2018 – week 17
Days of the year 113–365

There are no available observations for this date.

Some weather stations have been in operation since the 1850s, but not all have digitized data. Although we are working on getting more data into our database, most weather stations only have data since 1956.

Observations for Gullfjellet observation site 23 April 2018
Time Vær Temperature Precipitation Wind Humiditiy
Measured Max Min Average Highest gust
Monday00:00 - 9.1°C 9.4°C 8.7°C 0.5 mm Gentle breeze, 3.9 m/s from southGentle breeze, 3.9 m/s from south 13,0 m/s 80 %
Monday01:00 - 8.2°C 9.1°C 8.2°C 2.7 mm Light breeze, 2.8 m/s from south-southwestLight breeze, 2.8 m/s from south-southwest 8,6 m/s 89 %
Monday02:00 - - - - 0.1 mm - - -
Monday03:00 - 7.1°C 7.8°C 6.9°C 2.6 mm Gentle breeze, 3.5 m/s from south-southwestGentle breeze, 3.5 m/s from south-southwest 12,2 m/s 90 %
Monday04:00 - 6.6°C 7.1°C 6.5°C 2.9 mm Light breeze, 2.3 m/s from south-southwestLight breeze, 2.3 m/s from south-southwest 10,3 m/s 94 %
Monday05:00 - 5.9°C 6.6°C 5.8°C 2.7 mm Light breeze, 2.2 m/s from southwestLight breeze, 2.2 m/s from southwest 5,7 m/s 96 %
Monday06:00 - - - - 0.9 mm - - -