Date searchČoavddatmohkki observation site, Karasjok (Finnmark)

  1. Warning sign

    Ongoing: Heavy rainfall (Finnmarksvidda og Nord-Troms)

    It expected locally large amounts of precipitation, 30-50 mm/24 hours.


    1. Wednesday June 20, 2018 08:00
      Increasing danger
    2. Ukjent sluttidspunkt

    Risk of storm water in urban areas. Assess the need for preventive measures.

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07/12/2017 – week 49
Days of the year 341–365

Weather at 13:00


Calm, 0.0 m/sCalm, 0.0 m/s


  • Temperature: Min  -32.0°C  Average  -28.1°C  Max -22.3°C
  • Precipitation: -1 mm
  • Cloud cover: The sky was cloudy this day.
  • Snow depth: 40 cm

Precipitation and snow depths are accumulated (measured at 7am for the past 24 hours)

Čoavddatmohkki observation station (97350) The station is located in Karasjok municipality, 286 m.a.s.l. It is the closest official weather station, 0.0 km away from Čoavddatmohkki observation site. The station was established in January 1955. The station measures precipitation, temperature, snow depths and wind. There may be missing data.

Observations for Čoavddatmohkki observation site 07 December 2017
Time Vær Temperature Precipitation Wind Humiditiy
Measured Max Min Average Highest gust
-32.0°C - - - Calm, 0.0 m/s - 75 %
-29.5°C - - - Calm, 0.0 m/s - 78 %
-22.9°C - - - Calm, 0.0 m/s - 78 %